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Peace Proclamation

The Peace Proclamation is a document that was produced at the end of the Great War, signed by the military commanders of both Kinilan and Chelestra, and was originally conceived of by Abri of the Pyre. The document announces the end of the war and orders soldiers to report to their commanders or return to their homes. Copies of the proclamation have been posted widely throughout the Iron Hills and further west into Chelestra, all bearing the official seal of both commanders.


The Proclamation serves two main purposes. First and foremost, it is meant to communicate to any soldiers acting alone or in small groups - soldiers that have lost contact with their superiors - that the war has ended. After so many years of war, hundreds of soldiers have gone missing in action, and while many were killed, some survive on both sides and continue to wage guerrilla war upon the enemy. The Peace Proclamation, jointly signed by the commanders of both armies, is an effort to reach out to these soldiers and let them know it's time to come home, thus preventing further pointless loss of life.   The second intended purpose is to communicate to civilians still living in the area that the war has ended. Particularly in the Iron Hills, many of the settlements are largely underground, or populated by peoples that prefer a nomadic way of life and are good at avoiding anything as obvious as an army on the march. While most of the people fled the war, especially after the destruction of the Anchor in Rethis, many of these people have either sealed off access to their settlements or been very careful to stay on the move. The hope is that word of the Proclamation will reach most of these communities, making it easier to reestablish contact with them now that the war is over.
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