Champion of Noctua

Born on the island of Xiphos, the Champion of Noctua has cast aside her old identity to become an embodiment of a legend. Raised in the ruling family of the merchant king, the Champion was trained to learn skysteel shaping, an ancient art whose practice is restricted to the royal family.   At a young age she was chosen as the heir to the craft after the assassination of her older brother. The person she assumed was her father turned out to be nothing more than a caretaker and her tutelage was placed in the hands of her father by blood. She trained extensively with her father to learn the art before falling prey to an assassin's poison herself. As a result of her exposure to a frost magic poison named Winter's Kiss, she lost her limbs.   Due to her recovery time taking "longer than expected," her father moved on to one of her younger siblings. In time, the crimes of her family came to light and they were removed from power. Her father assumed the role of the Champion of Crater, an honored position to the public at large but a punishment to those aware of the true nature of skysteel. The Champion was given a choice as the eldest living child of the family: championship or prison. She took the bow of Noctua, assuming her position as the second ever champion of Noctua.   She expected to lose parts of herself to the bow, but the will within the skysteel has never once responded to her. She's retained full control of herself as a result. The bow was rebuilt under her supervision into legendary prosthetics.   As one of the Champions, she enjoys the position of a Xiphosi diplomat. Very rarely do the citizens of Xiphos visit the world below, but in Noctua's case her own role as a "false champion unable to inherit the memories of the past," made her a fantastic political exchange with the island city-state of Gaillardia where she eventually came under the care of Admiral Atreus.   Functionally exiled to the surface until Gaillardia reports back good results for the Champion, she now lives in the city of Indigo on Shrine Street.                


Gifts are learned through deepening bonds                            
Age: 27
Pronouns: She/her for everyday, he/him to show respect
Eye Color: Cool
Favorite Food: Shrimp
Likes: Exploring, eating, loud places, loud people, being treated normally, being trusted, competition, Cassius, Beretta, Selyf, Teach, Hyle, Hojo, Gallav, Fade
Dislikes: Solitude, being underestimated, being a patsy, self-sacrificing people

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