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The Battle Caster's Focus

Focus' are unique to the Caster they're being made for. The styles, the combat uses beyond magic, sizing, all depends on the person who uses it. Four of my friends are skilled Casters and I've spent enough time watching them to understand how their Focus' aid them with magic and combat.   Beithir: My friend, commander and queen. While decent with hand to hand and weapons combat, she sticks to magical combat first and foremost. As such, her Focus is a staff made of storm grey Dragon Steel with a topaz set at the top. The metal is excellent for pulsing lightning down it and with it's reach a single swing can take out a dozen enemy soldiers at once. Her raw power is so intense that she can drive the staff into the ground and send waves of lightning though the earth.   Dušan: Frighting is an accurate description of the Corps newest member. Powerful in both magic and body, he is an active fighter as well as Caster. As such, his Focus is a solid black Dragon Steel scythe with a beautiful black opal set at the top...scythe. Just like our God of Death. Watching him swing it around, slicing people in haft, ice blossoming around him and frost floating in the air, it's unnerving. It has a fair amount of weight to it, requiring great strength to use it and he uses it well.   Orithil: The sneaky little spider has a knife, specially made so that she can sneak around in the shadows easier. Of course her focus would fit almost everywhere, as she is a spy and occasional assassin. It also helps her cling to walls. Her swift movements aren't hindered by the knife, it lets her hit harder and makes her illusions all the easier to cast. It also acts as an enhancer, letting her cast large scale illusions without stressing her body as greatly.   Kenji: Chopsticks. I couldn't make this up if I tried. He uses them as decoration in his hair, pulling them out as needed. They look like metal chopsticks, engraved with glyphs and set with tiny blizzard stones to help him teleport with greater accuracy. They also make great stabbing weapons and he can easily hide them in his clothes so that he is never without a weapon.   The Focus is made to the specifications of the Battle Caster and their job so that it can be the most effective. Whether they have more of a physical combat style or stand slightly behind, the Focus is necessary so that their magic more stable, enhanced and well, more focused when they cast.

Manufacturing process

Crafting a Caster's focus is tricky, a focus for a Battle Caster more so. It has to withstand battle field conditions and constant use while in combat. Only highly experienced Artificers can craft one.
Item type
Quite Common
Base Price
Vary's on the complexity and size as well as materials
Raw materials & Components
Metal, often steel (or Dragon Steel if the Caster lives amongst Riders), gems that correspond with the Caster's magic and glyphs carved down the sides.
A combination of tools from a blacksmith, a jeweler and the Artificer's who's making it.


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