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Foresight Trance

I walk into the library, searching for Lalith. Last I heard he was in here. It only takes a few minutes before I find him, sitting on a window seat, red hair glowing softly in the fading light. He seems a bit out of it.   "Hey Lalith. It's time for dinner." I say, catching his attention. He looks up, a somewhat empty look in his eyes. "Lalith, are you alright?"   His hands go limp, and he tilts off the seat. I catch him, barely managing to keep him from slicing my face open with his tiny horns.   "Gods above!" Reiner drags the kid up and lays him against the window. "Kid!"   I look at him again, the girls watching nervously. He's so still, blank faced, occasionally twitching. I give him a shake, but it does nothing. Then he gasps, sitting up sharply, eyes wide and panicked. Reiner grabs him so he doesn't go falling headfirst to the floor.   "What the hell was that about?" Reiner asks, helping Lalith settle back down onto the window seat. He's still a bit unresponsive, clearly still in a daze. "Where's your head kid?"   "Sorry, were you talking to me?" Lalith sounds drunk almost. "I...I don't think I've been really here for a minute or so."   "What happened?" I ask, sitting at his feet.   "Sight." He rubs his eyes. "Whenever I see something, one with Sight can focus when we see something. Our minds are too wrapped up with the sight to think about anything else. It's... unpleasant."   "And dangerous." Reiner drags Lalith to his feet, holding him steady. "Right, let's go get you something to eat. Might not help your head but it will help the rest of you."


The start of a vision.


Glassy, silverly film over the eyes, blank face and motionless body. The person just doesn't seem to be mentally present anymore.


There's nothing anyone can really do except wait it out and make sure that the person affected is kept safe.


Good, assuming the person doesn't fall into a body of water, or a fire, or while out hunting alone, or while in a battle, or while in a high place. Basically, if they're in a safe environment or with allies, they're probably escape without injuries.
Extremely Rare
Having Foresight is a useful skill. The downside is when we do have Sights, we're vulnerable to everything around us. I've actually had Sights in the middle of battle, which puts me at extremely high risk of dying. Thankfully, I've never been injured badly, but it's the reason that I and Veryan are never alone in battle. We always have one person at our sides, just in case a Sight hits us at the worst possible moment.    I've been able to foresee events and prepare my people for what is to come. But the price is my safety on occasion. A gift and a punishment. A blessing and a curse. To see the future but risk your mind. To know what's to come but risk your life.  
  • Beithir Hacende, Queen of the Eledhrim

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