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Dark Angel: The Risen Protectors

Dark Angel, who came up with that name? I've simply heard it used recently, people describing me that way. There could be worse names but I find it odd. A strange way of referring to what I am without directly saying it.   "I'm no angel." I whisper, looking at my hands. "Not even close."   "That's a lie, Dieathion." I turn at the sound of my girlfriend's voice. She wraps her arms around me, resting her head against my back. "You're good."   "My powers, my magic. It's Fiendish. It comes from them."   "It's yours not theirs. You chose how to use it. They don't command you." She pulls my arms closer so that she can hold my hands. "You command yourself."   I look out the window at the icy landscape. "Dieathion, you lead our people against the Order of the Eternal Sun. They meant to destroy us simply because of our magic. You led us to a brilliant victory, a just victory. You are our Dark Angel, our Dark King. You protected us."   I pull her around and kiss her head. She rests it against my chest, wrapping her arms around my shoulders. "You've protected me since we were small. I know you'll do the same for our people. You're not evil Dieathion. You're my king, my good king."

Transmission & Vectors

It comes either by birth or via being cursed by a Fiend and breaking free.


Training. Extensive training. There aren't many places to learn but once one does, they can control their power and use it at will without fear of losing control of themselves.

Cultural Reception

Fear. Dark Angel's are unfortunately tied to Fiends in one manner or another. They are autonomous of Fiends and don't need them as a source of power but their magic originated with them which makes life difficult for them to separate themselves from Fiends. As such, they often hide their powers, only using them when absolutely necessary.
Dark Angels have a couple traits they gain as they use their magic. Some get wings, other horns or spines. Occasionally they will get small claws. The added physical features can come in useful but can also cause issues. Learning to fly is quite the challenge.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare
Feeling they need to hide their powers is a normal thing. Once it gets out, they are often shunned. Those who do have great respect for them honor them with the name Dark Angel. They are protectors of the world, using their infernal heritage to battle against the Fiends.


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