Trident of Sila


The Trident of Sila was gifted by Sila, Goddess of Strength and Storms to her High Priestess when the Order of the Gale began in 1831. The trident holds great powers for the one who wields it. It will calm storms, lend strength, and allow the High Priestess to speak to her Goddess Sila. The trident was Sila's Staff of Power before she mastered her magic. The trident was created by The Great Creator.  

Time of Choosing

The trident is used in the choosing ceremony for the next High Priestess during the Time of Choosing. When a High Priestess retires or dies, the trident will start to pulse with light. This is the signal that the Time of Choosing has started. All the priestess from across Inanta will know to start making their way to Anmoore Bay, where the High Temple of the Gale is located. Once all the priestesses have arrived the doors to the HIgh Temple will slam shut and won't reopen until a High Priestess is chosen. Each priestess must try to pick up the Trident of Sila. Only the new High Priestess will be able to lift it. The Trident of Sila will brand the new High Priestess with a trident on her forehead so everyone will know her, even if she isn't holding the Trident.  

Symbols of Office

Each priestess carries a trident as her symbol of office, though it is smaller than the Trident of Sila. The tridents that the priestesses carry are six feet long. Depending on which office the priestess hold, will determine what material her trident is made of. Acolytes receive a basic wood and copper trident, while a priestess that runs a temple would have one made of fairy silver.  


On occasion, The Trident of Sila will reject a High Priestess because she has done something against the Order of the Gale. When this happens the Trident of Sila will pierce the heart of the High Priestess which will start the Time of Choosing.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Current Holder
Owning Organization
One of a Kind
Only the High Priestess can pick it up
9 ft long
Base Price


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