International Federation of Anthenaems and Analysis


  The IFAA began as a way to organize the Great Library at Winterborn when the Great Librarian of the time ended fed up with not being able to find the books she was looking for.  She started the organization as a way to catalog the 50 rooms of books, tomes, and scrolls that were in the Great Library at the time she started the organization.  By the time she retired, the Great Library had added another 22 rooms, and the organization had expanded from the 12 members it started with to over 275 member. Now, the organization has over 5500 member of which more than 1000 work for the organization full time.

To Gather, Preserve, & Protect Knowledge

Founding Date
1763, Candra 36
Educational, Library
Alternative Names
IFAA, The Librarians
The Librarians
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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