Healing Contract


Have you spent the day adventuring? Did the creature in the forest or dungeon split your stomach open and your intestines are falling out? Well, you need to make a stop at the local temple and get healed. Only one thing, don't forget to have a healing contract ready to go. No healer will heal you, make you potions, or raise you from the dead without a healing contract.


The Healing Contract lets you be ready to be healed no matter what shape they are in. Just fill in your part of the contract. State what you will and won't allow in the Statement of Work and maximum you are willing to pay in the Terms of Payment. The healer will fill out their portion when you arrive at the Temple and complete the contract at that time.   There are multiple healers of various caliber at each temple, so there should be one within your price range for what you need, at least let's hope.

Healing Contract by Kat Sanders

Contract, Civil


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