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In Defense of the Dawn

19 Ropamont 3Y20

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Welcome to a world of mystery, fantasy, magic, and political intrigue. A world heavily inspired by real life cultures and events as well as fantasy tropes and rules. It is home to the In Defense of the Dawn campaign.   In Defense of the Dawn spans the globe and follows each character's personal goals as well as attempting to answer a series of related questions:   In a world where the gods exist and are known, what role does faith play in religion? In a world with several pantheons, how do gods coexist? And above all, what makes a god a god?   If you're looking for an idea of where to start, consider jumping into the sessions of our current "season" where you can find logs from our most recent games complete with links to related characters, locations, and plots. Examples of completed Session Reports are Session0105 and Session0106.   Everything is under construction as we move from a wikia to WorldAnvil, but our most complete articles include Ryleigh and Bellbury.