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Vorba Archipelago

The Vorba Archipelago is within Tesora in the north eastern portion of the region. It is a populated region that has been a historic area to the Orcs.


With 14 islands in total, this is a hub of trade and naval power throughout the southern sea. There are three main islands Corelai, Worza, and Zemera. Zemera is the the farest island from the mainland, and the largest. It acts as a gate into the archipelago. Worza is the smallest of the three and it on the northern edge of the region. This island is home to the Rock of Pagomas, the rock that founded the Pagomas Council. Finally, Corelai the central island. it is just off the coast of the mainland and is home to the capital of the the orc people, Eilliwassrax and a center of trade throughout the continent. The other smaller islands are not as impactful and are home to many of the old forts that were once armed to the teeth.

Fauna & Flora

Viper Fish

  These thin elongated fish are endemic only to this region of the world. Their bite can cause temporary paralysis and are also good to eat. They appear silver with streaks of pink.
A populated area that was once a seat of power of the elves, before their collapse. Ruins from both Orc and Elven structures reside here giving plenty of opportunity to explore their history.
— Archivist Renna
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