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Giant Ice Giants

These large creatures common from the north looking for more lands to conquer. They are extremely dangerous and will be killed on sight by The Imperium Legions.

Basic Information


These humanoid creatures appear that of humans. Their physical structure is the same other than their blue frosty skin and their wet hair. They stand tall and all known individuals are male. If there are female giants, we have not seen them.

Genetics and Reproduction

This is unknown due to what we know about them which is very little. There are two possible theories for reproduction. They could reproduce the same way we humans do, but without sightings of a female or another sex, the theory falls apart. However, it is possible that we have not seen them. The other theory is that they are born from the depths of the ocean as pieces of ice that grow into this form. This cannot be proven, but some sort of magical component is likely.

Ecology and Habitats

They prefer the coldest environment possible. If the land is no cold enough, they will change the climate to accommodate them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

This is unknown, but we have seen them eat living creatures.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are located only in the north. While they do stray south, they are typically killed before reaching any temperate climates.

Average Intelligence


Civilization and Culture


Curse of the Lost

  While interactions have been minimal. It was not till the year 2768 S that they came to invade North Fairley and Fairley. Due to the struggling economy and political instability, they marched in to kill everything in their path. This war lasted for 37 years before the Imperium was able to rally and push the menace back north. As a result, forts and walls were built in the mountains to prevent any more from crossing into Fairley. While the north is mostly lost, the south will hold as long as the Imperium can remain stable.   Rumors have it today that the Giant Ice Giants are sending scouting parties to test the border, but these are purely fictitious. They don't have the organization to actually make a coordinated attack.
Lucky they haven't been seen in years, but the Imperium is prepared if they strike again. We have found ways of killing them that would inspire fear into any monster.
— Archivist Renna
Scientific Name
Giganticus Glacies Sapiens
~ 1000 years
Average Height
~100 ft tall
Average Weight
Average Physique
Under the Glenhook Scale: 10/10. Their large size allows them to perform feats that we could have on our own.

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Author's Notes

This one is a little short, but they truly don't know a lot about them.

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