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Burakine is located at the Northern edge of the Lourefell Mountains. It was founded by Fonh Chiao as a mining town. It is the only place known on Imnnacon where the rare crystaline form of Lourefell Spar, called the Tears of Arcanin, can be found. Miners rent areas of the mine from Fonh Chiao. In return, he manages the town and provides resources, food, lodging, and healthcare to the miners. The miners live rough and simple, but the chance of discovering a Tear of Arcanin is worth it as the finder's fee is enough to make them rich, even in Telshia.   It was mined heavily for 50 years when a miner breached a cavity where a shard of wytchstone was located. The release of the green miasma was instantaneous. It polluted most of the mine, causing corruption and death. Miners came back to life, cave creatures were mutated into horrendous mountains. Plant life above also became corrupted as they fed on the contaminated soil.   Despite the terror of the mine, now called, Fonh's Folly, there is an ongoing battle to regain the mine. Burkaine has turned into a battleground and primary place of operations for several cities, including Telshia. They have contributed resources to figure out a way to redirect the miasma elsewhere and fight the abominations. They have not abandoned the mine, because of the knowledge that there is both the Tears or Arcanin and a wytchstone in the mine.   This has caused the economy of the crystalline form to become only something the most wealthy individuals can afford, and those that are already on the market are horded.
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Fonh's Folly
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