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The Revelation Text

The text which tells the story of how a prophet revealed the name of God to be Andor and that he is embodied in the Sun. Much of this story is held to be formed of letters written by one of the disciples of the prophet who brought the Revelation. There are also various supplementary materials included in the text. These were authored various other disciples of the prophet. The Revelation Text, especially the main collection of letters, is probably considered to be the most important document in the Andor religion. However, the original documents are lost, as far as is known.   The embodiment in the Sun and the open declaration thereof was also pronounced to be a declaration that God/Andor was now accessible to all the peoples of the Earth, rather than only those born into the religion. The prophet in the text states that since the Revelation anyone who wanted a good afterlife needed to acknowledge and worship Andor.   The Revelation text generally places a lot of emphasis on how to obtain a good afterlife where one is allowed into the presence of Andor. The whole thing might be very briefly summarised as "God was hidden, but has revealed himself and this is who He is. Now that we know, we have responsibilities. Fulfil them and get a good afterlife in reward; reject them and get a bad one in punishment."    


It is not made abundantly clear in the text what the embodiment of Andor in the Sun actually involves, which is one of the major sources of division in the Andor religion.   There are varying interpretations of how the aspect of "acknowledge and worship Andor as the only God" applies to the people of the Sundac religion. Some people say that since Sundacs do not believe that God is embodied in the Sun or acknowledge the name Andor, they will be condemned to a cold and dark afterlife. Others say that since the Sundacs still acknowledge and worship Andor, just in a mistaken form (still hidden behind the moon), they will be allowed into the presence of Andor but not as closely as those who follow the Andorian faith.
Text, Religious
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
Probably between 5 and 10 CE

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