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Spell Plague

For the people, this sickness saps them of there strength, a large purple scar appears on the face of the afflicted burning bright and causing harm to the afflicted at random intervals, the ones who are lucky, it kills. The unlucky ones are turned into zombies. As for the land, the Plague appears as walls of purple fire, killing all who come into contact with it, and causing the land to shake and shift, some areas are dropped low, while others are raised high, in some cases spires of dirt and stone become suspended in the sky.   The Plague has even caused a disruption in all forms of the arcane inside of Aminara, spells behave oddly, sometimes failing, sometimes turning into other spells. (The most well known case of this was when a mage attempt to cast shield, instead of the usual protective barrier appearing around him. the spell came as wall of fire, but wrapped around the mage which burned him to death.)


A bright purple scar appears on the side of most of the afflicted, and lights up whenever the afflicted use magic, altering the spell.


No known treatment.


Deterioration until death.

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