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17th Renewal, 15RB

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The pleasure of satisfying a savage instinct, undomesticated by the ego, is uncomparably much more intense than the one of satisfying a tamed instinct. — Sigmund Freud

On Chrystaria, the story of its nations and peoples are well-documented thanks to the tireless efforts of the respected Order of scholar-historians tasked with painstakingly recording the history of the world, and preserving it for eternity in the Astral Library.
    But far beneath their feet lies another world the scribes have missed. To the few among the surface races who are aware of it at all, it is a place of whispered nightmares known as The Dark: a forbidding land of endless, serpentine tunnels; bottomless chasms and eternal, oppressive darkness. Many a strange and terrifying thing makes its home there, but none more mysterious -- or deadly -- than the Ilyar, Chrystaria's dark elves.  
The Ilyari city of Ilindith lies deep within the continent of Shiva. Among its imposing buildings and twisting streets its noble houses and Church vie with each other in a perpetual war for ever-greater power, all beneath the ever-watching, violet gaze of the guileful goddess who sits unrivaled at the center of Ilyari society.
O, seeker: beware if you venture near, for far greater than you have failed to return.