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Hunters Claw SMT1

In Todays Soulmod Showcase: The Hunters Claw SMT1
The earliest iteration of the Hunters Claw series, the SMT1 allows the Soul to pick a target and eliminate it with the utmost precision!
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A mod with Style

The Hunters Claw is an upgrade to a preexisting mechanical hand mod. The upgrade contains a cutting edge touch display and fingertip chambers. Upon installation, it connects to the Neural Database and fetches the information of every defeated monster and beast. The user may choose one species of those enemies as a "Hunted".

What does it do?

Once selected, if the Hunter encounters one of those beasts, they may activate the mod to send out "Fireflies" from the finger compartments that scurry towards the enemy, planting themselves onto their weakspots. After that, it is only a matter of time until the Hunter disposes of their target.

These upcoming sections are not part of the worlds canon!

Gameplay Stats

The Hunters Claw SMT1 lets the player choose a favoured target that can be changed once per long rest. The mod has three charges that reset once a new target is set. As an action the player may expend one charge to send out their "Fireflys" and mark the weakspots of one enemy of the set species, shedding 5ft dim light. From that point on, the player now crits on a 19 or 20 rolled on the dice. Should the marked target die, they may use their reaction to expend an additonal charge and attach the Fireflies to a different target of the same species.
Base Price
Neural Database
Limited Targets
Mod Type
Hunters Claw by ecl1sp


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