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Branch Iris

Beastiarian Species Report: Eyes on Branches
During our Scouting Mission into the Foreverglade, we discovered what we believe to be the first non-aggressive beasts. Since only their one eye is visible, they make the trees they live on seem like huge multi-eyed monsters.
— Beastiarian of the Magiseekers

First Behavioural Report

The original scouting quest was a routine checkup on nearby Gleamshrooms to record growth stages. On the way to the site our Soulweaver Andrew Grogh Marsh reported a huge monster with an unimaginably huge amount of eyes. When we looked closer, it turned out to be a tree full of one-eyed creatures. They were looking attentively at us and gazed at us wherever we went.

Behavioural Patterns

They themselves did not engage, and never made any visible movements that implied such things. We tried charging and fighting them but they did not seem to have any interest in fighting, or simply don't have the capabilities to do so. These eyes were extremely fast however so we couldn't catch one to investigate further.

Appendix 1: Physical Description

Eventually a few were caught and studied. Unlike many other creatures, they are mainly flat and circular. They have a spine-like body support structure but can bend those bones to fit through tiny spaces. Their eye makes up about half of their upper-sided body.

Further Investiagtion

We came to the conclusion that these Branch Irises, as we dubbed them, don't hunt or ingest actively at all and instead eat up information of their surroundings in some way. They saturate themselves by the activeness of the forest, which explains this as their usual habitat. When traversing landscapes around Branch Irises, we discovered that we collectively felt more tense over time. We don't know why yet but we will keep investigating.

Appendix 2: Information Feeding

Upon further investigation, we discovered that the excess information a Branch Iris consumes is relayed as a sort of communication wave to other certain wild beasts with extraordinary sensory abilities. This causes more unexpected run ins and thus associating Branch Irises with danger.
Scientific Name
Animalia Chordata Crypsis Oculus
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by
Branch Iris
It just shows again that we won't ever know enough about this world. These abilities are not the exception but the norm on Ignotas and we better learn how to deal with and adapt to them for us to survive.
— Executive of the Rox Guild

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