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Timeline of Idwala

The general description of the events of Idwala, that is still known.

  • Circa 550 The Cataclysm

    The Cataclysm
    Disaster / Destruction

    The event that nearly ended the world. Hundreds of years ago, there are only records that it happened and not what caused it. The event is so distant that some completely dismiss the idea as nothing more that a myth of lost history.

  • 637 TS

    647 TS


    Dwarven Civil War
    Military action

    Too many mouths to feed, and not enough fertile land to farm under the mountain. Before war broke out, some willingly left their ancestral home and migrated North of the Ancestral river in the mainland but most refused to leave. It was then decided that each house would send half their decedents to the mainland to start anew. Out of the eight ancestral houses, the two largest; the house of Berg, and house Halny, refused to send half their descendants to the mainland. Thus war began.

  • 641 TS


    The Arrival of Humans
    Population Migration / Travel

    Nearly a century after the cataclysm, a race different from the natives appeared coming no ships from the North and crash landed on the west coast.

  • 641 TS

    645 TS


    The Newcomers Conflict
    Military action

    When the humans first arrived there was a small time of peace for them. The western coast is mostly free of hostile lifeforms, so they settled there and went unnoticed for 7 months. However, once they were found out they had to move fast or face extinction.

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  • 647 TS


    The Hills have Dwarfs

    After the civil war, the house of Berg had to settle on the main land. To all other dwarfs they were seen without honor, and were not worthy to carry the mountain, but their house was not erased from the memories due to the treacherous crime of burning the memories. To those that remained under the mountain, all remaining history must be preserved. Those that no longer carried the mountain had to find a new home.

  • 657 TS

    657 TS


    Blooming Sickness
    Plague / Epidemic

    As spring's first sun began to rise, it blessed the earth with warmth and fresh corpses for new life,