The flowing mountain

In the far North of the Shan desert, the Ar'halan mountain range hides a peculiar peak. Plunged between two higher mounts, the flowing mountain is a place unbeknownst to most. But to the initiates, it is a natural wonder to be treasured.


Rocky fountain


The flowing mountain stands above an important groundwater table. The numerous cavities in the side of the mountain are constantly leaking this water that comes up through a complex network of smaller galeries. The slopes are always wet, and the flow has long eroded the dirt and dust, so that only bare rocks remains. The ground at the foot of the mountain is unstable and frequently crumbles.


Gate to the Veter


In Shantiah mythology, the flowing mountain shares a deep connection to the underground Veter, the waterworld inhabited by their former kind. When the original kin split into the Shantiahe and the Veteriah, the former ascended to the Shan and reach the surface through the opening in the mountain. An ancestral truce forbid any of them to cross the Esher, the space between, but the passageway still exists. Although it is not specified in the Song of Jallr'hali, it is supposed that he went into the core of the mountain to reach the Esher to receive the secret of water from Veteriah envoys.


The mountain is sacred, under the secular watch of a ketsh. Its members are the only ones authorized to come close to the formation, but even they are not allowed to penetrate it. This honour is only bestowed to the venerable elders of the ketsh, those who proved their worth as guardians all throughout their lives.


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