Avalon's Reach

Ancient ruins of highly advanced spacefarers

The worlds surveyed by the I.D.E.A. are sometimes inhabited, though living civilization is very rare. More common are remnants of past societies. Most of them are barely exploitable, scraps of fireplaces or cavern paintings. Sometimes, however, a fine surprise awaits the explorers, in the form of worn-out medieval castles, or the enigmatic Fossilised Archs. And then, there is Avalon's Reach.

Advanced Ruins


The Reach is the only vestige of an advanced civilization found during exploration. It is the ruins of a gigantic structure, thought to be a space elevator. The base is still in one piece, but above twenty meters the whole cylinder is shattered into a million metal pieces hanging in the air, trapped by a lost anti-gravity technology. The magnetic track at the bottom of the elevator is intact and may be functional if powered again, given the fitting source of energy is determined. Made out of a metal not found anywhere else on the planet, it seems that the material played a key role in preserving the structure from overgrowth.

I'm nearing the anomaly reckoned yesterday. I really hope there's something, this dimension is the epitome of boredom so far. I should be in sight just over the hill. Damn bushes, now let's see- what the hell is that?
— Records of the discovery of Avalon's Reach by explorer Zayn Korryn

The outskirts of Avalon's Reach are filled with ruins of lesser size, way less preserved. The buildings of what probably looked like a modern city are half-grounded. Made out of more conventional materials, they did not take the ordeal of time quite well. Far less interesting than the main buildings, they are left out as a playground for aspiring archeologists.

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What's in a name?


The island of Avalon is allegedly the deads' repose in Celtic mythology. Upon discovering this majestuous but destroyed space elevator, Zayn pictured the tale of people leaving their planet for a place of eternal rest between the stars. Although this first theory has been disproved since the name stayed.

Avalon's Study


The name of the city that flourished at the feet of Avalon's Reach came organically through the years. The first scientists sent to investigate the structure found themselves stuck on a mystery they could not unveil easily, and they settled in the vicinity. Eager archeologists and opportunity seekers joined them, and before long a whole town bloomed. Focused on the hard study of the ancient gateway to space, the small city is a hub for all manners of archeology students, history enthusiasts, and engineers.


The spacefaring civilization that built this masterpiece has never been seen again, and given the sorry state of Avalon's Reach, the main theory is that this civilization is now extinct, having encountered a galaxy-scale disaster. There may be a lingering threat in this dimension, keeping away settlers uninterested in extraordinary technology.


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