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Tiamat / The cosmos sea

Tiamat sleepeth in the Ginnungagap.   Tiamat is the Ginnungagap.   The dark womb, the boundless cradle, the salty and fresh ocean.   There she lieth and dreameth, thus came our being.  
    A boundless, ripple-less black sea that nothing floats, nothing sinks and nothing reflects. The dark womb of the grey moths, soul of humanity.   Also called Tiamgalna, Tamtu or Nu.


Tiamat is the great primordial sea, also its personification. A concept created for the conscious minds to understand, for the conscious minds can only comprehend concrete ideas.   Tiamat, in the form of a great dragoness, lies in a deep, dark sleep. She gave birth to Aapep and Naga, the black serpent and the white serpent, who lock in an eternal circular motion, rocking gentle waves to guard their mother's sleep. For only when she sleeps, and dreams of the world, that this world exists.

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