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Ichor of Darkness

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The world is not what we see. Reality is not a flat piece of paper, it is a book, one page stacks on another. Some pages are intertwined with others, some stand alone. And outside this book, is another, and another, and another, until they fill the infinity of this library called the Universe. Even outside this library, is another, but that is a story for a different time. Our Reality is the end result of a divine battle between three indispensable beings called the Primordial Dragons, the Dragon of Molten Lava, the Dragon of Gelid Darkness, and the Dragon of Scorching Wind. The World and the Up-Side-Down, the Seen and the Unseen, The Existence and the Unreal, the Essem and the Assem.   The world we know resides at the bottom of the Essem, inside the delicate snow globe we so carefully crafted boarded by our limited comprehensions. Our neighbour next door upper a level is the Realm of Twilight, home to the Fae and Elvenfolks, natives of our Blue Planet. The two Realms, humans and Twilight are separated by a thin wall, a semipermeable barrier that grants passage only to Faefolks and Ichorborns. But the Realm of Twilight does not welcome humans, as our Reality rejects the existence of Fae.   Beyond that, the abodes of Higher Beings and Spentas, and above them, the Old Gods on their High Heaven, the Empyrean.   Outside of Essem, is the Assem the Nether World, the Unknown. Home to the Dark Gods and their serving Daevas.   All the worlds, all of the Realities are tied together by the Dream that is also the gates and bridges. And all of them will end when the Gloomy One, the Weeper, traverses beyond the Seven Seals when the time has come.