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Human / Grey Moth

"Men have been and will always be drawn to those lies beyond Jörmungandr, for their souls were formed of the same darkness. Like moths they are drawn to light, yet still they wish to return to their dark cradle. "                                                                               --------Mephisto Woland
  Grey moths born from the deepest, darkest corner of the cosmos sea. They travel the space in flocks, drawn to the light of the planets who are ready to host lives.   The Grey Moths will inhabit the planets, bound to and reincarnate on their chosen home, until the every last light is drained from the planet. Then the Grey Moths will leave and search for another home.   When the last light in this universe is extinguished, the Grey Moths will return to the dark cosmos sea, there they will lay in hibernation, waiting for the light to return.

Basic Information


Human bodies consist of a head, a torso and four limbs, two arms and two legs.   The Grey Moths modelled after the form of Faes and eventually evolved into the forms we know today.

Civilization and Culture


Given the fact that Earth has been here for billions of years, it is unreasonable to assume ours is the only human-based civilisation. Indeed we have quite a few predecessors, but none of them left any trace. All of them but one, which was mentioned in a Fae myth. A civilisation that broke down the protection of Jörmungandr, and result in the damage of Gaia's root.
Around 80


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