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One of the two Absolute Beings of the Existence (the other being Terminos). The agent, eye and consciousness of the eyeless and consciousless Wheel of Eternal Conflicts. The weaver of the universe, the caster of the dice and personification of the string.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Architectus is formless. But he projects in the conscious minds as a cloaked figure, uncountable hands protruding underneath the cloak. The three major arms hold respectively a book, a dice and a shuttle, each of the minor hands holds a string. There is an eye on each of his hand. Or simply a source from which infinite strings are being spun. Or as an icosahedron dice.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When the Wheel spun and initiated the first move. When zero gave birth to one, then one to two, two to three, three to infinity. The foundation of the universe has been spun, the strings.   Architectus came into existence. He tethered the infinity of changes and possibilities, he combed all the strings and weaved them into particles, quark, protons, neutrons, atoms, then the shape of the universe.    He is the beginning, and is within everything.
Divine Classification
Absolute Being


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