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The orcs are said to be Icarus oldest sentient creatures, the first created by the great Star Dragons, at least according to them. Even so, they are Icarus' most populous species, spreading over every land and even the sea. There are orcs who make their homes in the tallest, iciest mountains, the most raging volcanos, the depths of the earth, the dryest of deserts, and even the cold dark oceans.

Basic Information


While largely humanoid in appearance, most orcs have several features that help them stand out. Their skulls are broad, with a long, solid brow ridge and a skullplate that is hard as steel. Their lower jaw is often wide and juts out, but the most striking feature of them is the 2-4 long, boar-like tusks that jut from their lower jaw. Some orcs also grow horns, though they are usually fairly small, growing from their forehead or sometimes their temple. Some orcs can also grow their fingernails out into animal-like claws, and patches of their skin can harden into scales. And it's no secret that the Tashkarar came from orcs, given the merfolk's similar appearance to their land-dwelling kin, truly proving that orcs can survive anywhere.

Genetics and Reproduction

Orcs reproduce remarkably quickly. While female orcs will only ever have one child at a time, the period from conception to birth is a staggeringly quick five months.

Growth Rate & Stages

As with their birth, orcs grow and mature remarkably fast. By age 2 they'll have the size, motor functions, and speech capabilities of an average human 5-year-old, at age 8 they begin to hit puberty and by age 16 they are considered fully grown adults. Unfortunately this means most orcs and even orc subspecies live relatively short lives, but most orc cultures view this as a blessing, as it encouraged them to live life to its fullest.

Ecology and Habitats

There is a saying on Icarus: "If a place is devoid of orcs, it's truly inhospitable." As such, there is not a place on Icarus that orcs have not adapted to live in. The highest snowiest peaks, especially in the far north, host Frost Orcs, while the volcanic crater of the Kingdom of Ferrum and any other places with active vulcanism are home to the Vulkanar Orcs, who have become completely immune to extreme heat. The deep oceans host the Tashkarar Orcs who regularly battle the native Nerridae and Hippocampi for dominance and a place in a world constantly hostile to them. The point standing is there is not a place on this world where you will not run into at least one Orc, no matter how much some have tried to change that.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Orcs can gain nutrients from quite literally anything. Flesh, bone, stone, plants both harmless and toxic, and even dirt and sand can be consumed without harming them in the slightest. This is because orcs do not consume food for nutrients, but for the mana within it. Mana is the very magical substance of life, and every living thing needs Mana to survive. It also flows through all things, and the easiest way to get mana is by consuming food. Orcs consume mana itself, and while eating dirt and rocks is hardly pleasant, it ensures that an orc can almost never go hungry.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Orcs have an incredibly strong sense of smell, as they can pick up and follow scents much more accurately than other sentient species, even Telkhines. Their sense of hearing is also incredibly precise, being able to not only pinpoint the smallest of sounds but also able to know precisely where the sound came from. Their night vision is also just as clear as their day vision, with some orcs even losing the ability to tell night and day apart.
Genetic Descendants
60-70 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Orcs come in a variety of colors, most often depending on their environment. The most common color is some variation of green. Certain types of orcs do come in more exotic colors, Frost Orcs often have blue or pale white skin while Vulkanar Orcs often have black and red skin.
Geographic Distribution

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