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Nestled in the rocky cliffs of the Captain's Hook Cove, Highwater is the home turf of pirates, mercenaries and adventurers exploring the seas. It faces the clear, turquoise waters of the Viridian Ocean, and is surrounded by stretches of pink sand beaches for miles on each side. In the sky rainbow hued parrots and emerald green Dragons fly. The city consists mostly of an expansive harbor, built to house huge, heavy cargo ships, as well as smaller, lighter ships. The city can only be entered from the water, as the clifface of the Captain's Hook Cove has been eroded over thousands of years until it became the steep precipice it is today. Walking from the harbor further into the city, you will be met by small wood and stone homes and taverns. Many, many taverns. The city of Highwater is notorious for its alcohol consumption, with raging parties happening almost every night. Travelers come here to stop, rest, trade, feel the solid earth beneath their feet, and, most of all, to fill up on liquor. The preferred drink of the pirates of Highwater is rum or whiskey, or a combination of the two.

Highwater is run by a guild of pirates known as the Red Sails. Their chief captain, Arvin Drake, took charge of the town around 20 cycles back, when he challenged the previous leader to a good old pirate duel. The members of the Red Sails recognize each other by the lovely feathers they wear in their hats. Just kidding, it's the red sails on their ships. The harbor of Highwater is a sea of red fabric, flowing gently in the ocean breeze.


Run by a thieves' guild known as The Red Sails. All crews entering this town either are or want to be members of the guild. They are protected by the rulings of the chief captain. There are few rules in this town, but you are for example not allowed to kill or steal from another member of the guild. Other than that, the chief captain's word is law.

Arvin "Silver Eye" Drake
Owning Organization
The Red Sails
Characters in Location

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