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Mund Lokison

Lord Serpent Mund Lokison

When it comes to dragons on the council Mund is known as one of the greatest. Usually providing a level-headed look at things and willing to negotiate. That is to say, unless it threatens his family or the young in which the warrior of old in his heart risess up again and the world is reminded of his ferocity.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Mund is a large but slim man in that he towers over most, most of his body weight is contributed to pure muscel from his woodworking and hauling timber and logs around by himself. He tries his best to keep in peak shape as was drilled into his head ages ago as a warrior who needed to be ready to fight at any moment.

Facial Features

Mund is a rather classically attractive man, with sharp cheekbones, straight nose, gorgeous hazel eyes, and a strong brow and jaw. While many find him attractive he has no problem blending in with a crowd when he wishes.

Identifying Characteristics

Despite their classification as technically serpents, they are in fact dragons with ethereal wings of differing elements, Mund's being earth and wood. Only considered serpents due to their lack of legs in their draconic form.

Apparel & Accessories

Usually in a loose old world tunic style top and cargo pants usually with a pair of custom knee height boots. He tends to avoid much more jewelry than a torque style necklace, his three jeweled studs in each eat and the gold and silver beads that decorate his braids and beard which were all made by his younger brother Gander.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mund and his brothers were born to a Norse chieftain and his wife about fifty years after the recorded start of the Viking age. They were however given the name Jormungander Lokison split between them due to their draconic nature thought to be the interference or blessing of Loki himself. Something that was met with both pride and trepidation. While Jor was raised to be the heir of the clan and all the things that that entails, Mund and Gander were allowed to pursue their dreams in trade. Something they were both highly grateful for. Mund taking up an apprenticeship with a carpenter and later in life with a shipwright as his passion for and connection to the earth grew.   Throughout the ages the brothers have taken an active roll in the Dragon Nation and in the world in general attempting to make it a safer place for differing ideologies and peoples, while they were raised and very much thrived under the warrior training they received they have always employed it only when necessary to protect the peoples of their domains. No matter who those people might be or what they believe. Mund especially is known for his fierce protection and steadfast loyalty to those under his banner.   Despite his position as the second born, Mund was the one eventually chosen to hold a title and join the Dragon Council after the brothers proved their worth, knowledge, and strength. Originally the position was offered to Jor but he laughed and refused it passing it on to Mund who was more than happy to step into the position if it meant better for himself and his brothers. Since then Mund has dedicated himself to the dragon nation and its wellbeing.

Gender Identity

While Mund is very keen to see the changes in gender theory and the acceptance beginning to form around alternate identifications, he himself identifies whole heartedly as male.


He prefers the company of men and has been in a long three hundred year romance with Quetz, an Aztec dragon from a set of triplets who were named for Quetzalcotal. While hard for him to admit his sexuality at first it became easier as he learned that his fellow dragons did not care and that so long as they were discreet among humans the humans wouldn't try anything against them.


Knowing his roll as a member of the Dragon Council Mund has done his best to stay up to date on the newest theories, ideas, and information that the world discovers and produces. Despite that fact technology still sometimes baffles him and he much prefers a simple life as much as he can get away with, though he does enjoy certain modern amenities such as water heaters and indoor plumbing.


Currently Mund works as a world renowned carpenter with several high end contracts and making furniture, statues, props, and trinkets for the rich and powerful. However he maintains a shop and work hours set aside to serve the average person as well, something that irritates some of his higher-end clientele but he doesn't care to change. As he has always valued his average customer above most others, having started woodworking for the average person rather than the high-priced clinetele he has gained through the ages.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Becoming Lord Serpent at the age of 524, as he is one of the youngest to have achieved such a rank within Iyrico.   Keeping his brothers alive for as long as he has considering their reckless behavior over the years and at least Gander's quick temper at times.   Setting up his custom woodworking empire.

Morality & Philosophy

He places most of the importance in his life on his family and their protection, though he also feels a great sense of responsibility for those within his domain. Despite the words of some he does not believe dragons to be any better than humanity, however he knows humans to be a relatively young race comparatively and with such short lives they fail to learn as quickly as dragons have the importance of treatment of others. This is something he can not tolerate and wishes to see changed, as their fear driven discrimination and abuse of young dragons has been getting more and more dangerous and that is a direct threat to the dragon nation.


There is one thing that Mund believes completely unforgivable and that is the harming of a child, while the ages of what is considered a child has changed over the ages due the change of life expectancy and the differing needs of societies as new and better technology came about, Mund has always believed that those who were not yet in their 16th year at least were still children and should be protected to the best of the ability of their society as possible as they are the future and carry with them the hopes and dreams of their people.

Personality Characteristics


Mund is driven by a sense of duty to family and to the people around him. Community has always been an important to him as when he was a child he learned early on that a society can only function as well as the people and for that they must all work together.
Date of Birth
May 4th 850
City of Ribe in Jutland
Long blond kept in braids and ponytails most of the time
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly Tanned White
Quotes & Catchphrases
"We can not allow this continue. Nico's story is only one part of this, it isn't an isolated event."
Norse Paganisim

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