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Sacred Grove

Head for the sacred grove that lies deep within the lands guarded by the spirit Faron. There you will find the blade of evil's bane that was crafted by the wisdom of the ancient sages... the Master Sword.
— Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess)
A mysterious fog-filled forest located deep within Faron Woods. Deep within the forest sits the ruins of the Temple of Time.


The Sacred Grove is a thickly wooded area, with impossibly tall trees. Unlike older versions of the Lost Woods, the geography of the forest itself does not change, which does allow for some navigation through the woods. However, due to the thick fog and the odd terrain, it is still very common for anyone who finds themselves here to get lost.
In the Twilight Era, a great chasm opened between the Sacred Grove and the area near the Forest Temple, making entrance into the Sacred Grove and the Temple of Time significantly more difficult.

Localized Phenomena

While in the past the Lost Woods could be observed changing its very layout and geography seemingly at random, this phenomenon has not been seen for many generations by the time of the Twilight Era. Instead, the only outstanding phenomenon is a thick fog that hangs over the entirety of the grove.

Fauna & Flora

Many of the creatures that can be found in the Sacred Grove are keen to stay away from those who explore the grove, and thus are more likely to be heard rather than seen. However, one exception is a Skull Kid, one which seems to have a connection to the spirit of an ancient hero.


Main article: Lost Woods
The Lost Woods have been a phenomenon in Hyrule for as long back as written records can recall. While their exact behavior has changed from era to era, they are always a confusing web of trees and pathways that carries the very real danger of being the careless explorer's final resting place. In the Era of the Hero of Time, it was believed that those who passed away in the Lost Woods would become a Skull Kid or a Stalfos.


Tourism has never been a common thing for the Lost Woods, even after its infamous moniker fell out of use. The stories of people who went missing in the woods and never returned were enough deterrent for most of the casual explorers. Those who still braved the woods were not there for tourism, more often than not.

The Temple of Time

Main article: Temple of Time
The Temple of Time was built by the Light Sage Rauru before the Era of the Hero of Time, to house and protect the Triforce in the wake of the Interloper War. In the time of the Hero of Time, entrance to the temple was restricted behind three spiritual stones, each of which were gifted to different races in Hyrule: the Gorons, the Zora, and the Kokiri.
It isn't known how the Temple of Time went from being a sacred site to an abandoned and forgotten relic, nor how it managed to move from being near Hyrule Castle to somehow being closer to the vassal state of Ordona. However, it was still the sacred resting site of the Master Sword, as it has been as far back as written record can tell.
The Sacred Grove is the Twilight Era's incarnation of the Lost Woods.
Alternative Name(s)
Lost Woods


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