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Man of Mystery

Euthymenes explored the West African coast in the early part of the Sixth Century BC. Some, like the Greek historian, Plutarch, seemed to know of his explorations though even then only mention his having explored the mouth of the Nile. He was indeed an explorer of the North African coastal region and did far more. Euthymenes was a wizard charting leylines, something that had not yet been done. The knowledge of leylines was a tightly held secret wizards were reluctant to share even with their magical fellows.  

The writings of his exploration have not survived the Library of Alexandria. His magical writings did survive, though in secret. They were found by a group of wizards who call themselves the Trinity. These wizards are so unknown that only their name is known. Over the centuries, things have disappeared. Once in a great while a mage will disappear where not even a trace of them is ever found again.   It is suspected his magical writings were put in the Library of Alexandria without anyone knowing what they were. From there, someone from the Trinity found them. Tales speak of some mysterious Wanderer, a travelling wizard, selling the knowledge of a leyline path along the north African coast to Peddler families. According to traditional family tales passed down through several Peddler families, this Wanderer shared tales of being inside the Library of Alexandria as it drifts along the leylines of Euthymenes. Though they travel the paths along these leylines, no Peddler has ever found the Library.

He came from Massalia, an ancient Greek colony founded on the Mediterranean coast east of the Rhone River.   It was settled mostly by by Ionian settlers from Phocaea in western Anatolia.   Later captured by the Persian, it has since grown into a great city called Marseille and stands in what is now France.

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