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Dragons are the strangest of creatures. Each individual dragon has a name and a unique and one-of-a-kind shape even if they have the same parents. What is consistent about them is that they all hatch from eggs. They are as capable of learning as humans, though they do find it difficult to acquire knowledge without causing a panic. Still, over the ages, maybe dragons have acquires a wonderous assortment of scrolls, tablets, and books they keep in their lairs.   All dragons long to sleep and dream undisturbed. While they sleep, they wander the dreams of all creatures whether mortal or immortal. It is surmised that many mortals, and even the gods, have been influenced by a dragon in their dreams. In the past, the gods have battled or used the dragons, always interrupting their dreamings. With the rise of the modern religions, these interruptions became fewer and fewer. Now, all dragon have retired to their lairs and their eternal enjoyment of dreams. Woe to those who wake them now.  

Why Do Dragons Love Dreams

Dreaming is where dragons prefer to live. As they wander through dreams, they gather droplets of power that they collect as magic. The magic makes their physical bodies in the real world grow until they reach a size they are pleased with. Once a dragon is satisfied with their size, the magic they continue to collect can then be used to cast spells.   Dragons are very territorial and, once they have found a dreamer with dreams they fancy, they magically mark that dreamer as theirs. Should another dragon try to poach from another dragon's marked dreamer, a rivalry begins turn into epic dram battles and even long term wars between dragons.

Notable Dragons


Ladon was plopped onto the mysterious isle of the Hesperides by the goddess Hera. He was compelled by her to protect the grove of golden apples from all things, even the Hesperides who tended it. They, however, quickly learned that music gave Ladon the power to sleep despite Hera's complusion to be on guard.

When Hera's power dwindled with the rise of the modern religions, the compulsion lapsed and he was free to sleep which he does even now in his lair hidden beneath the grove.  


As in all things, there are those who do not fit the typical features of the species they are. On such exception among dragons is the snapdragon. This is not one single dragon but an entire subspecies.

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