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Crooked Dagger

What Is It?

The Crooked Dagger is a terrible weapon that looks no more terrible than any other dagger of war, despite its name. The vile curse within its blade, however, is terrible indeed. It name does not come from the shape of the blade but what it does to those it stabs. Crafted of the finest Damascus steel and hilted with the carved tooth of a dragon, the dagger looks eerily normal though of fine quality. No matter what sheathe it is kept in, within a day that sheathe will change into an infamously curved sheathe, a shape those who know of it dread.  

The Curse

A curse was laid into the blade by the hag only known as Ella. Her curse strikes when the blade is sunk to the hilt into some living creature's body. None of the blade can protrude by the end this stab or the curse will not bother to trigger. Once stabbed, the victim will be overcome with great weakness, more often than not falling in combat. This allows them to be captured or killed as their attacker sees fit.   It is far better to capture the victim of the blade as their mind is imprisoned. The curse seeps in a tiny bit of the dragon whose tooth the hilt is made from into the victim. This essence will obey the wielder and warp their bodies into a man-shaped, and man-sized, dragon. The victim trapped in their own body can only watch though their senses as their warped body is no longer under their control.  

Countering The Curse

If the victim ever gets beyond one mile distance from the weilder, the control is broken. If the dragon whose tooth the hilt is made from is awakened, the curse is broken from all victims and purged from the dagger. Also, this dragon will be outraged and seek to destroy the weilder of the Crooked Dagger as well as the hag Ella.
The Crooked Dagger has a twisted name despite not actually being crocked.   It is kept in a sheath whose tip narrows and bends into a full curve while the blade itself only holds a slight curve as its tip end where the sheath tightens it bend.   Though its a blade made for war, its rather short at only eight inches long.   t makes up for its lack of length by the terrible curse within it.

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