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Berlin Palace

This is Twisted history

"Why are we moving down here?" William complained to his father as they carried yet another cupboard down into the cellar. It was now so cramped with crates and cupboards they stacked this one on top of another.   "That's a castle they're building. And that means an elector is fixing to move in."   "So? It'll be years before its done and he moves in."   "His soldiers are already here."   William snorted. "Not that many."   "Yet. There will be more coming." His father sat on a crate. With a cloth in one hand, he waved for Willaim to sit on another then wiped his brow. "And they are against our Hanseatic ways. If they discover us doing magic ... we will die ugly deaths."   "Will it really come to that?" Willaim's voice cracked.   "Not if we work very hard to not let them find out." His father stood up and tucked away the cloth. "Let's get everything down here today. Tomorrow we will begin the hardwork or making this a truly hidden place."   Willaim jumped up from his crate and hurried up the stairs.


The castle was built as a home for the Hohenzollern family and to house the garrison. During its construction, the garrison stationed there grew with it. This allowed the garrison to establish Irontooth's authority over the citizens of Berlin who were not willing to give up their Hanseatic League privileges to a monarch. When the palace was completed in 1451, Irontooth moved in from Brandenburg, forcing Berlin to give up its membership in the Hanseatic League.   The palace served as the main residence for the Electors of the Margraviate of Brandenburg. It now serves as the residence of the House Hohenzollern Kings of Prussia, the current one being King Frederick William III.  


Elector Frederick II "Irontooth" began to build his palace in the banks of the Spree River in the year 1443. The palace chapel was to St. Erasmus.   In 1454 when returned from his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, he made the chapel into a parish church that he richly endowed with relics and altars. In 1465, Pope Paul II granted Irontooth's request to have St. Erasmus Chapel become a collegiate church. This new more expansive church was built next to the palace. It was named Stift zu Ehren Unserer Lieben Frauen, des heiligen Kreuzes, St. Petri und Pauli, St. Erasmi und St. Nicolai.   In 1538, Margrave Joachim II had the palace demolished and rebuilt. A long series of addition and alteration were made to the palace. Then, in 1699, Frederick II took the title King of Prussia. He had Andreas Schluter redesign and build it in the Barouque style in which it now stands.


Mitte part of Berlin in the Margraviate of Brandenburg which was in the Kingdom of Bohemia which was a part of the Holy Roman Empire.  

Renaissance Style Palace

Originally built by Irontooth. Architect unknown.
Construction began in 1443 and ended in 1451.  

Italian Renaissance Style Palace

Designed and built by Caspar Theiss under the orders of Margrave Joachim II.
Construction begain in 1538. The end date has been lost.  

Baroque Style Palace

Designed by Andreas Schluter under the orders of King Frederick I.
Construction began in 1702. There is no designated end date as each subsequent king ordered changes to the palace and never declare it finished.

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