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The Radakali are an ethnic group found throughout the Revolving Sea.  

Mythical Origins

  One of the episodes in the Legend of Stigr tells of a mythical race known as the Haradakali, who have traits of all five races and live on an island in the Primordial Sea. While traveling the Primordial Sea, Stigir defeats and enthralls a prince of the Haradakali named Brytthofti, and brings him to the Revolving Sea. All further references to Brytthofti in the story essentially amount to confirming what events he was present for, and allusions to the other stories involving him.   As foretold by his mother, Brytthofti eventually won his freedom and brought about many reforms to the practice of gladiatorial combat. He came to have five wives, one from each of the mortal races, and traveled throughout the Revolving Sea. The Radakali are the descendants of Brytthofti, with the story explaining their wide spread and racial diversity.  

The Power of Projection

  The Haradakali are said to be masters of magic who can temporarily bring all manner of things into existence. While the Radakali are not as strong as their mythical ancestors, they still have that power. Only the most skilled projectionists can create and control a mirror image of themselves for a brief time, while Brytthofti was said to have once created four doppelgangers of himself to fight at his side.   While the power of projection is not exclusive to the Radakali, they tend to be hesitant to teach it to outsiders. Though there is no rule forbidding freely teaching projection magic, there are laws forbidding forcing a thrall to teach the art of projection. On the other hand, those who marry into Radakali families are taught how to use the power of projection by their in-laws.
Hairless Heads
  It is common for human Radakali to shave their heads in honor of Brytthofti, who was bald. This is especially true of projectionists.  
People of the Arena
  Radakali are well represented within the staff of the gladiatorial arena, most fight masters tend to be Radakali. This includes the gladiators, both free and thrall.
From the Author
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