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Admiral Lederehrel


  Admiral Lederehrel is the current Overcommander for the Engineering Command stellospheric core fleet, with responsibility for operations and mission outcomes in and above the skies of Liggjavard.  

Early career

From an old Rothilimion academic family, Lederehrel was an outstanding student during her educational years. Having a liking of travel, she sat the exams and joined the Naval service as a junior officer. It turned out to be a good choice, and over the next 50 years, she rose steadily through the ranks, taking charge of a Rothilimion naval patrol as her first command.  

A Distinguished Officer

Captain Lederehrel worked studiously to continuously improve her understanding of naval tactics, the charts of the seas of Liggjavard, and the habits of those who lived on, near, or under the waves she called home. Her ability to combine that knowledge with the tools at hand in effective ways became one of her distinguishing characteristics as an officer. She had consistent success in reducing pirate traffic preying on Rothilimion vessels, in part through her use of information sources outside the usual diplomatic channels. The mission that brought her to the Admiralty saw her destroy a small pirate fleet by navigating her patrol vessel through a narrow safe zone between a jagged shoreline and a pod of hungry kraken feeding near the surface. She was able to dodge the kraken, but the pirates were not so skillful.  

In the Admiralty

Admiral Lederehrel was as effective with a fleet as she was with a single ship. Junior captains started to pull strings to be assigned to her team. The surprisingly effective Dornian blockade of Rothilimion's port caught her patrol in port. Admiral Lederehrel, seeing the possibilities in the research where others didn't, found ways to work with Sage Peleril on the "Ginnunghval project" as a consulting naval engineer. There were several candidates for leadership of the strike on Keep Kabatnos that would end the Dornian invasion of Rothilimion. Admiral Lederehrel was not the standout choice for many on the selection committee. Her intelligence and demonstrated flexibility under challenging circumstances made her the favorite choice for Sage Peliril, who had great influence the final decision. After her resounding success in the mission to Kabatnos, Admiral Lederehrel leveraged the public acclaim into the command she now wanted most - leadership of Rothilimion Engineering Command, the aero-navy growing as quickly as Rothilimion can build new ships.

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Her methods are unorthodox, but effective.
— annotations on After Action Report: Pirate fleet eaten by kraken

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