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Hvatvetna is the Old Norse word for "everything". The Realm of Hvatvetna is a solar system consisting of eight planets, known as spheres: one dead world close to the sun, five planets that can support life as we know it, and two gas giants (one mostly hydrogen like Jupiter, one mostly methane like Neptune.)   The main adventure setting is the fourth sphere from the sun. The people of Liggjavard know of the other spheres and can travel to them, with either expensive (and questionable) technology or powerful magic. Liggjavard is largely peaceful and prosperous, with established countries tied together in a web of alliance and commerce. Adventuring largely takes place on the edges of the established territories and in expeditions to other spheres.   Hvatvetna is a setting being developed for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It is my first WorldAnvil world and was started for WorldAnvil SummerCamp in July of 2019 with the creation myth, Dagstjarna (The Daystar).