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Dataslate usage in hygiene units

Mel’Aad was concerned. For weeks now he had observing the difference between him and humans and while most of their habits were very similar, he had noticed one significant difference. At first he didn’t think anything about it, but since it was going on for weeks now, he was starting to get concerned. That night, during meal time, he was going to inform Captain Hayes of his concerns as they were about the wellbeing of the crew.   “Captain, I have found very concerning evidence about the wellbeing of the crew,” Mel’Aad said as he took his place beside the men at their table.
“Oh, please elaborate Mel’Aad,” Captain Hayes hurried, having his full attention now on Mel’Aad instead of his data slate.
“Well, it has come to my attention that many members of the crew take a long time when using the hygiene units. I’m afraid there might be a hidden medical issue-“ Mel’Aads explanation was interrupted by Captain Hayes spewing his drink all over the table.
“Is it true?! Do you ail as well?” Mel’Aad asked, now concerned and slightly panicking. Regurgitating was definitely sign of a medical problem and if the captain was infected by this unknown condition, that would spell disaster for the ship!
“Oh- Uhm- No- But-“ Captain Hayes clearly couldn’t talk properly anymore, his ailment must be progressing in rapid pace!   This got Mel’Aad floating quicker than anything ever had, grabbed the captain by his arm and started dragging him to the door. He didn’t look at the weird stares this got him form the crew, or the clearly flustered captain who was desperately trying to get him to stop. No, Mel’Aads only concern now was to get the ill captain to the medbay, which, now he thought about it, was something he didn’t know where it was.
  “Okay Mel’Aad, enough.” The stern voice of Captain Hayes brough him out of his stupor and were now standing in the hallway outside of the cafeteria.
“This all has a very clear and normal explanation, no one needs a medic.” The stern voice continued, but Mel’Aad could see a red color appearing on the captain’s cheeks. Mel’Aad didn’t know what that meant, but he had stopped dragging the captain and listened, eagerly awaiting the explanation the man would give him soon.
“Well, uhm, how am I going to explain this,” Ezra said quickly looking to the door of the cafeteria, that was now housing every curious faced crew member previously eating, and sighed.
“So, it’s kind of a tradition, or, well, uhm, maybe more like a habit? Yeah a habit. So, when people go to the hygiene unit, they often take out their dataslate to use it whilst they-“ The captain moved his hands, clearly trying to explain something unsaid, but all Mel’Aad could do was look confused. Another sigh came from the captain.
“Whilst the finish their business. And most of the time, the time they spend on their dataslate, takes longer than the time it takes to finish their business.” Captain Hayes gave a pointed look to the crew in the doorway and sighed. “So, that’s why they take so much longer in the hygiene unit.”
“But isn’t it more comfortable using their dataslate in their rooms or in the lounge?” Mel’Aad asked with honest curiosity.
“Yes, yes it is.”

Private time

Appearantly the habit of using dataslates during time in a hygiene unit has been something known to "Humans" for a long time. Hygiene units are seen as spaces of full privacy, unlike personal chambers, and "humans" have used them as places to calm down or get away. This is because, according to "Human" social structures it is uncalled for to ask what someone did in a hygiene unit, unless it is for joke purposes.   Before dataslates were commonly used among "Humans", they would carry different things with them to the hygiene unit such as mobile phones, hand held game consoles or magazines. Often there was even a rack or stack of magazines or books within the hygiene unit. There were even specially made products to be on display within the hygiene unit and to be used only then.

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Cover image: by Eallixy, picture by NASA (via Unsplash)


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20 Jan, 2022 05:14

I like this one! It is indeed a very odd habbit :D

14 Feb, 2022 17:53

Thanks for the comment! It's always fun to try ans spot weird human things when most things seem normal ^^

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