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The Northern Nexus

A place of total cold where the light of the sun cannot reach. The cracks and fissures within the depths of this nexus spill vast amounts of magical winds that can freeze even the hottest of materials solid. This place is in constant turmoil and imbalance with massive glaciers breaking off and floating into the air as if they were as light as a feather only to come crashing down creating massive unstable gorges and pits that have no end to their depths. And at the center of the nexus is The Great Northern Portal which is said to be able to do three things, the first is that it will transport all who enter it to the Ethereal realm the place where all magic originates. The second is it will instantly teleport whoever steps into it to a random place within any of the three realms. The last is that it will grant any who step into the portal a random magical ability regardless of its power or the persons ability to use the power. These outcomes are completely random and depend on the person entering the portal.


The Northern Nexus is a place of total cold where the light of the sun cannot reach, the only light available to the land is from the massive pillar of energy at the center of the nexus which burns with a hew of all imaginable and unimaginable colors, the pillar which radiates such magical energy that it forms great beautiful multicolored auroras that can be seen from across the frozen sea into the farthest reaches of the Frigid Waste. The ground of this land is one of cold thick sheets of ice that from giant glacial mountains that cast dark shadows upon the many winding and treacherous paths that lead toward the nexus. The ice itself has been cracks and ripped sunder by the eons of magic that have poured around it forming impossibly deep and large gorges and caverns that howl with the blistering cold magic winds that whip across the the snow covered ice. The magic is so volatile in this place that it rips many of the glaciers from their place as they float up to the auroras edges only to crash back down to the ice below forming massive pits with no end to their depth and darkness.

Fauna & Flora

Nothing lives in this place no animal can survive its brutal cold and no plant can take root in the ice of this place. But there is a beast that sleeps in the deeper regions of the nexus itself a fierce white dragon.

Natural Resources

No man has ever returned from the nexus all who say they have are liars and are not to be trusted anything taken from the nexus will magically find its way back to where it was stolen from.

Alternative Name(s)
The Far North
Location under
The Northern Nexus
Included Locations

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