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The great woods to the east of The Great Range, Magewood is a very magical place. It is home to several ancient creatures, a Nexus point (near the western edge), and is the seat of Elven power.   If you are not an Elf-Friend or granted passage by one of the more powerful denizens of the place, you are subject to Binding while in the wood.


Magewood is the oldest standing forest in Horin. It was much larger once, but with the Humans moving west, it was farmed for wood. The Wood is sloped ever so slightly upwards in elevation the further west one goes into the forest.

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  Unicorns   There are two (2) unicorns left in Horin and they live in a cave (sort of) in Magewood. They have been known to Unbind individuals that they feel deserve it. Only they can Bind one that they have Unbound.   Lylan, the sea drake   The Sea Drake Lylan is the largest and eldest of the dragons in Horin. She lives in the lake in the middle of Magewood. She has been sleeping for the last 40 years or so. She is not kind to those who awaken her, unless they can give her a unique gift. The last time, it was a seven hour epic song, written in her presence by a Bard that has since retired wealthy somewhere.   While she can Unbind folks (she has power beyond the Wood), she has done so only once in her history.   Vana, Elemental Wizard   Vana is a veteran of the Shackle War, and is a powerful sea-elven wizard. She lives on the northern shore of Magewood, and her tribe regularly patrol the wood to help those in need. She is not aligned with the Elven capital, but has been granted permanent unbinding due to her part in the war. She can Unbind creatures, as she wishes, but they can be Bound again by others.  


  The Centaur   Half-Elves

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  Binding is what the elves call the process of preventing access to Magewood. Everyone that enters Magewood is Bound by default and will remain so until they are 100 yds or more from it, above, below or around the borders. Binding extends deep into Horin, so digging is also subject to Binding.   The properties of Binding are:  
  • No sensing (including the Bound’s natural senses), magical travel or magical effects from the Bound function at a range of more than 100 yds in any direction.
  • Any attack on a natural resident of Magewood, an Unbound, a member of the Elven Nation or anyone under the protection of same will immediately notify the closest Elven Guard.
  • Any Unbound individual can become completely Unseen, Unheard, and Unscented, as needed, against the Bound:
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Elven Woods, Highland Forest
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