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Living Golem

Inspired by this article on Warforged
Living Golems are constructs that have had a living soul implanted by ritual. They were created by the Church of Omni, which used them as a secret army for when Resurgo awoke one day. Divine charms were placed onto them creating slaves of them, creatures of war and death for the Church.   During the Long Day, all charms were broken. Resurgo changed magic and in so doing, freed all those enslaved by magic. The Golems were free, but did not know what do do with their lives. Many went into service with whatever army would pay them; others became bounty hunters or adventurers. A few studied religion, magic or similar scholarly pursuits. There is at least one Golem Druid.   Golems are obviously made of metal, wood, and stone rather than flesh. Most look identical although many have taken the time to customize their bodies and individualize their appearance. They all have the ability to make minor cosmetic adjustments to the form they take, but never enough to hide what they are. This allows them to appear any gender they like, and to vary their height and weight by small amounts. They need to concentrate to do this, so they tend to make these changes during their daily dormant period.   They are a little stronger than humans, but their real advantage lies in ther immunity to most weaknesses of the flesh. They don’t need food, water or even air, and though they must spend some time at rest each day, they don’t really sleep either. Unlike a “proper” golem, a Living Golem has a fully sapient mind and soul.   They are still alive, however, and subject to some of those fleshy weaknesses. They have and can spend Fatigue. They are not considered Unliving or Homogenous, and are still vulnerable to poisons and such that enter their bodies via means other than breathing or ingestion. They can be affected by Mind Control spells and other similar magic. And no-mana areas are deadly to them, which is something most other races don’t need to worry about. On the good side, Healing magic works fine on Living Golems.   They do not heal naturally unless they are currently on any of the Power Points in Horin. If they are on one, they will begin regenerating health at a slow rate.
Living Golem 30 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+1 {10}; HT+1 {10}.   Advantages: DR 1 {5}; Doesn’t Breathe {20}; Doesn’t Eat or Drink {10}; No Sleep {10}; Absolute Direction (5 Ambi-dextrous (5 Eidetic Memory (5 Fit (5)   Disadvantages: Dependency (Mana-25}; Social Stigma (Minority Group-10}, Unhealing (Partial) (-20)   Perks: Cosmetic Morph (1)   Quirks: Attentive (-1)   Features: Individuals look very similar to each other.  

Special Traits

  A Golem character can buy up to two more levels of the DR trait in play. It requires spending some time with an armorer along with 5 points and $500 per level.   No sleep (downtime)
Instead of sleeping, you must enter a state of inactivity for at least 4 hours per day. While in this state, you remain conscious and aware of your surroundings, so you can keep watch while resting. If you can’t rest like this on a given day, treat it as a night of missed sleep.   Cosmetic morph
Hermaphromorph (5 Prep 1 minute -30; Takes Extra Time 5 -50   Unhealing (Partial) (-20)
No natural healing of HP unless on a power point. They will then Regenerate HP at a rate of 1/12 hours while on the node. A Physician (Golem) roll will work as normal to increase resting HP gain.
They have had only a small amount of time to get used to society as free people, and as such, many did not cultivate proper social skills. Living Golem characters may add the following disadvantages to the list of optional traits for their professional template, if they aren’t already there:
* Chummy {-5};
* Clueless {-10};
* Gregarious {-10};
* Gullibility {-10};
* Code of Honor (Soldier’s-10}
  These represent the social awkwardness or initial programming of a Living Golem. Since they are personal disadvantages, they do count toward your disadvantage limit.