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Centaurs of Horin are not terribly common in civilized circles unless forced, such as those that run the Centaur Trolley.

Basic Information


There are several variations of Centaur, but commonly they will have the lower body of a horse and the torso of a humanoid attached where the head of the horse would be. In the Northeast of the The Main Land, where they originate, they are mostly larger horses and human torsos. In Magewood, they have evolved into deer/elven combinations and out in the far West they have the rare camel centaur.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Most Centaurs are strict vegetarians. Their digestive system is largely in the "horse," and as such, they cannot process meats very well. Over the centuries, they have developed a "no kill" philosophy in most of the cultures, although in the deep desert, such luxuries don't exist. It is a harsh environment and requires a different mindset to survive.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Centaurs have the normal perceptions of the race of their humanoid portion, in most cases. They have developed a slightly greater perception due to living in the wild for centuries.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

In the Korlann Empire, the Centaurs were recognized as a sovereign people over a large section of the Northeast of the The Main Land. They call their land The Open and fiercely guard its borders against outsiders. To be allowed into The Open is a great privilege and is done only for the bravest or most honourable of people.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Centaur have their own language that they do not share with non-Centaurs. They will commonly speak Korlann Common (or the common dialect of the area they live in) and translate their names and locations into those languages. They do not speak their tongue to each other except when alone or for extreme expediency. If you hear Centaur speaking a strange tongue, it is likely they have decided you are not long to live and/or the situation is dire.

Common Taboos

You do not ride a Centaur, nor do you refer to them with Horse terms.

Common Myths and Legends

Legends say that the Centaur were created by a forbidden union of a two immortals. One an Exalted Horse, Herollos, and the other a Mage known as Istrea. She became enamoured with the Horse when she discovered they were sentient, and transformed herself into one of them to get to know him. She eventually married with him and remained a member of their tribe for many years. When she bore her first child with him, her secret was no more. The child was both human and horse and was called an abomination by the tribe.   She was forced to flee with the child and was banished from the Isle of Horses for eternity, along with her bloodline. Thus, the Centaurs were born and sent to the Main Land with their mother.   It is not advisable to bring up this Myth with a Centaur.
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