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Nytellis: the Midnight Muse

The deity known as Nytellis stands as a beacon in the night. Her powers govern the moon, the stars and the ethereal realm of inspiration and dreams. She is revered by poets, artists, and great thinkers across the realm, as it is during the quiet hours of the night when many find their greatest inspirations. A figure shrouded in mystery, her powers influence the ebb and flow of creative thought, and grant insight into the profound wonders of the night.   She is often depicted as a luminous figure with silvery hair and deep blue robes that shimmer like the night sky. She casts her silvery light down upon the minds of mortals. In her presence, creativity blooms and flows like the stars and galaxies swirling in the night sky, and ideas flow like a gentle, silver river, revealing secrets and insights that would be hidden in the harsh light of day.   Offerings to Nytellis generally involve nighttime rituals, where her followers gather under the light of the moon and stars to ask for the blessing of her inspiration. Poets recite verses, artists paint by moonlight, and scholars delve into the study of the stars during these sacred moments. Offerings of silver and moonstone are made to honour her, as well as dried or freshly picked moonflowers.   She is said to have whispered epics to poets, guided lost travelers by starlight, and granted visions and ideas to the minds of great inventors and thinkers. One myth speaks of Nytellis weaving the constellations into the night sky, crafting each star with a unique story to tell.   Nytellis, the Enigmatic Muse of the Night, is a deity that embodies the profound connection between the natural world, the cosmos, and the boundless wellspring of creativity. Her influence resonates through the night, inspiring all who look up to the heavens for guidance and enlightenment.


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