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Body Modification

Body modification is an integral tapestry of artistry, tradition, and identity. Tattooing, scarification, and piercing stand as three cornerstones of this intricate practice, each imbued with unique significance.   The tattooing and scarification processes both utilize sharp implements, generally crafted from bone or obsidian to either poke intricate designs into or carve them out of the skin. Whether these designs symbolize a rite of passage, allegiance to a deity, or are simply a form of personal expression, they often carry profound and lasting meanings for their bearer.   Not only are the designs created with meticulous care, but their healing process is made more bearable by a soothing paste crafted from the crushed leaves of Rabbit's Ear and Lady's Mane. This concoction not only aids in preventing infection but also serves to expedite and ease the healing process. It ensures that the intricate designs become a lasting testament to one's journey and beliefs, sparing the individual from unnecessary pain and discomfort.   Piercings are yet another common form of body modification, predominantly adorning ears but also often found decorating faces and bodies as well. Some individuals even opt to gauge their piercings to larger sizes. The preferred choice of metal for these piercings varies widely among races, for reasons of traditional cultural customs as well as biological restrictions. Fae, for instance, are unable to wearing piercings made of steel due to the iron content, while Wereshifters must avoid silver. Copper and titanium often emerge as favored metals, respected not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their compatibility with a wide variety of races, allowing body piercings to remain both a reflection of personal style and symbols of tradition and identity.   Together, these practices form a rich tableau of artistry and tradition, revealing the depths of personal journeys and beliefs in a world where body modification is a vibrant and meaningful aspect of existence.


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