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35th day of Ayat, 286CE

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A young world, blossoming with growing magic and mysteries. Peoples of Hijr are widespread and varied, both working together with and waging war on each other for personal and professional interests.   The world is new. Hijr is a world of fresh possibilities, all written and oral history details the worlds age at under eight thousand years. The eldest of mortal races can remember the first days, fleeting whispered memories of the mysterious Firstfolk, and their offspring races who ruled the world for millennia. No living being remembers who or what the Firstfolk were, as they left the world before most written history could mark their passing, but many people recall the Ellef, Children of the Firstfolk, and the Stars. People also know of the Uldoth, born of the Firstfolk, and masters of the physical world... Uldoth created most of the mortal races, and tamed the world for them, slaying primordial dragons, creating vast technological cities and taming the violent wilds.
[Meta knowledge: The world is fresh and new, only a few thousand years old, so few formed cultures exist.]   Godless but full of life. The world is not ruled by gods, in fact the idea of gods is unknown by the peoples of Hijr. There are certainly powerful spirits that can move throughout the world and shape it, but gods are not heard of or worshiped. Peoples of faith tend to adhere to ideals and virtues... A paladin or cleric may adhere to the virtue of Truth or Determination. Doing their best to follow the tenets of that ideal and becoming a living example of its benefits.
[Meta knowledge: There are no gods to worship, and the word God is unknown in the world. Divine classes instead choose a meta concept such as Truth, Hope, Life, Fire, Darkness, Sunset, Trade, etc. And gain benefits befitting this concept.]   Magic is everywhere, but is weak. The world is suffused by planar and arcane force... the elemental planes are held back only by thin veils and their presence causes magic to flow freely in this world. Inversely, while magic is everywhere, it tends to be a weak but lingering force. Many people can call upon this force, through either study, practice, birthright, or contacting a magically more powerful being.
[Meta knowledge: lesser magic (Cantrip - 2nd level) spells are common, but greater magic (3rd level spells and above) are nearly unheard of. Some can be learned in Magical Academies, but most people live their entire lives never seeing a third level (or greater) spell. Players cannot select or learn a spell of 4th level or higher without committing to a quest or arcane research as these spells are not available in the world. Spellcasters will need to keep this in mind!]   A world of doors and paths. Hijr is a world of passageways. Due to its nearness to the elemental planes the seasons are created by the power of elemental forces, winter is caused by the passing by of the plane of cold, while summer is due to the nearness of the plane of fire. Similarly spring is caused by the passage of the plane of life and positivity, while fall is caused by the encroachment of the plane of negativity and death. Along with the planes causing shifts in weather and season, the planes being near often causes temporary passageways to appear. It is not unheard of for travelers to accidentally pass into one of the adjoining worlds, without realizing and becoming lost in the Forest of Infinite Stars or the Dreadlands!
[Meta knowledge: Seasons are caused by the elemental planes being "near" Hijr, on a planar level. There are also innumerable small, hidden or temporary portals from Hijr to the other planes.]