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The North Ice

"We trekked north for 36 days... we used every resource we brought, we fought unspeakable monsters, and still there was nothing but unearthly cold spread before us. We had to turn back, we HAD to... Of the 300 warriors and explorers that set out on this expedition only 23 of us returned alive. Many of my close friends still lie frozen amid that hellish wasteland. I wouldn't wish that place upon my worst foe... you couldn't possibly pay me enough to visit that land again!" - Nodvik Titanbone, Dwarven explorer and adventurer.   This vast expanse is the stuff of nightmares for those who visit it. Explorers and adventurers have tried for millennia to traverse this place, and to date none have ever discovered it's secrets and returned alive. Even the best prepared expeditions soon find themselves out of resources and in dire straights, as most of their members succumb to the icy embrace of death.


The North Ice is a vast expanse of frozen wasteland at the north tip of the world. Some small settlements and tribal societies do eek out a living along the southern most portions of this harsh land, but no one lives more than 40 miles north from the oceans. The land beyond the tundras and northern most mountains is almost completely flat, with no landmarks to denote travel distances or assist with navigation. The constant blizzards make navigation by star or sun nearly impossible, and people who travel here often loose their bearings and circle for days until they freeze or starve to death.

Fauna & Flora

Beyond the coastal tundras, nothing grows in this northern expanse. And the only creatures known to inhabit this area are elemental creatures of cold, and great unnamed monsters.

Natural Resources

Stories tell of great wonders in the north, but no expedition into this harsh land has ever been successful, and as such it's true value and wealth is unknown.
Alternative Name(s)
End Frost, The Dead Expanse
Desert, Ice
Related Ethnicities
Inhabiting Species


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