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Anvar's Tome of Destruction

Created by Archmage Anvar himself, the Tome of Destruction contains many spells to wreak havoc on the world in various magnitudes. Ranging from outright evil spells, to seemingly harmless spells of destruction, this tome must be handled with the utmost care. Should it fall into the wrong hands, the chaos it will bring is unimaginable.  
I heard that the weirdo in the forest made a special tome to destroy things. Want to check it out?
— A young boy that would become Anvars first disciple

Life's Work

The archmage developed this tome in secrecy to hide his tendencies towards the darker magical arts. It started out as a tome filled with small spells to simply disrupt the daily life of a person. They could cause a person to trip up, or for a very sudden and local thunderstorm to appear.   However, as Anvar's interest into the illicit subjects grew, the tome became a true work of destruction. In the hands of the wrong person, they gain the capability to torture people in the most cruel ways possible or sucking the life out of any living organism whether that be plants, animals, or people.   Anvar kept the tome close up until the moment he died. It was passed along among the disciples to ensure that the books would stay in their possession at all times. If Anvar were to return to the mortal plane once more, the tome would be in his tower waiting for its creator. To this day, Anvars life's work is closely guarded by his disciples.
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Book / Document
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33 x 24cm (13" x 9.4")


Only once has the Tome of Destruction been stolen. It was a feeble attempt to catch some interesting loot from the Tower of Anvar. While the thief managed to hold onto the tome for a little while, the disciples quickly found it and removed the thief. They are certain that none of the contents has made its way out into the world after a thorough investigation.

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