Union Ceremony

Fixed forever, in memory together

Though it is not very common, entities sometimes find compatible partners whom they function optimally with. Interactions become more frequent. They excitedly exchange ideas. They compliment each others looks and talents. They even share bytes to eat while watching a Stream. These relationships, also called Joins, can be brought to the next level: a Union. Once entities decide to establish a Union bond they perform a union ceremony, a harmonic ritual taken place under The Querien Tree.


The Union ceremony starts with the procession of two (or whatever even number) split evenly and standing on either side of the Querien Tree, facing the open roots. Each side has to harmonize perfectly with their voices to awaken the spirit living in the Querien tree, shifting their pitch with each step as they get closer and closer to the center of the open atrium. This is when the tree starts to glow, and its roots begin to extend and find each entity placing a thin tendril on each heart. If anyone were to break harmony however, they would have to unfortunately start all over again.   Once they reach the center, touching shoulder to shoulder, each entity must stretch their hand out to meet the others in unison at the very center while the other hand touches the root at their heart. They must continue to sing in harmony until a large leaf from the tree falls onto their joined hands and the roots at their hearts retract back to the main roots. This phase indicates Querien's blessing is complete.   The final step is for each entity to sign their signature onto the leaf before submitting it to the community directory. This indicates their consent to the finality of the union. In post-union, entities would give up their current addresses to live under one address on a block chosen by relocation workers from the Ministry of Management Memree branch.


Participants who wish to establish a union can be more than two entities, but the total number cannot be an odd number. The importance of an even numbered group represents the harmonic balance that has to be kept in a union.
The Querien Tree
An ancient landmark located in the middle of Memree


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "What traditions surround courting and marriage in one culture of your world?"

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9 Jul, 2018 17:20

Are one-sided relationships called left or right joins? Poisonous relationships which both entities give to but which ends up leaving a null void between them could be outer joins...   Well done!

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I’m definitely going to expand on the different joins! :D Thank you for the inspiration!