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Fashioning fashionable illusions

Darling, this is only the finest wear with a 7-layer count! Imagine wearing the universe on your shoulders, with a pattern of endless falling stars or the constant flux of the sun's rays. Just let me know how you'd like it and I'll make it to your heart's desire.
— An I-Mage Designer consulting a possible customer

Weaving an Alternate Reality

  Holo-Fiber is a synthesized material consisting of a complex layer of various visual extensions that can only be made by an I-Mage. Manufacturing this material is incredibly expensive and laborious. Only the richest of Ciers could afford products made from this material. Clothes are the most common commodity Holo-Fiber is used for and very skilled I-Mages can make an incredible amount of cryptocurrency from designing fashion with it. If it is synthesized by someone not so skilled, a finished product may not have as much clarity in its 3D illusion and it physically would be more vulnerable to wear and tear.


Material Characteristics

Depending on how many layers of Holo-Fibers are used for a piece of clothing, the end result may be lighter or heavier weight for the wearer. However, the fewer layers used results in a more shallow illusion of 3D space while more can create even more depth for the naked eye. When not imbued with a programmed pattern, the material renders as transparent.

History & Usage

Manufacturing & Products

Woven Holo-Fibers can produce different qualities of fabric depending on the layer count. The finished fabric would be pressed and rolled, ready to be used by designers to cut different clothing patterns. Dresses are popular to produce with this fabric, along with graphic tees and jackets. There have also been experimental efforts to produce camouflaged suits for the security units of the Anti-Threat Order in order to be more effective from more elusive threats. These suits, in theory, would be able to reflect the illusory depth and color of the environment around it.
Close-Up of Holo-Fiber
Close-Up of Holo-Fiber
by Meagan Carsience
Very rare

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about the properties of a material which is used for clothing in your world."

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