Morning or Evening. Baena brings the Blessing of Peace to whom ever drinks it.

The Tea was originally a cultural favorite of the Wood Elves. A concoction of herbs that brings a kind of waking calm to the consumer of the drink. The word Baena meaning "Blessing" in Laeth Faeian. And certainly lives up to its name.

The tea quickly gained popularity among tea connoisseurs and idle tea drinkers alike. First entering the market in The Fourth Aeon 1344 A.E. after a trade in good will between Heartland Men of The Kingdom of Esterval, and the Wood Elves of The Realm of Tyr'na Sylvanar. The exchange became the beginnings of a new and popular staple of dining to this very day.

The teas gentle aroma and taste make it irresistable to those that enjoy a relaxing morning or evening. Even grizzled Pirates partake of the tea every now and again. Though not for any fee.


A favorite for breakfasts and dinners everywhere. The Elvish tea found high demand in the common market. With many growing and cultivating the herbs that comprise the teas recipe in many permissable places. Many merchants in The Shattered Sea Trade and Banking Company have made significant profits from the selling of the tea. And its demand is not likely to change soon.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
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Owning Organization
Base Price
One Silver Piece
Raw materials & Components
2 tsp dried holy basil.
  1 tsp dried lemon balm.
  1 tsp dried chamomile.
  1/2 tsp dried lavender.
  1/2 tsp dried eleuthero root

1/2 tsp dried Moraweed

1 quart of spring water
Mortar and Pestil


Metal or Ceramic Pot

A controlled fire.


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