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Heirs to the Crown

Created by

왕관에 상속인

The rise to power is a tale as old as time, and while the divine pantheon has fought wars and survived plots and ploys, it is human nature to not learn from mistakes prior made and to be, unfortunately, mortal.
A whole continent is on the brink of war with queens and emperors struggeling to maintain their power. Clans weave their webs of influence and treason, the stakes unpredictable, children walking on the edge between their family's honour and duty to their motherland.
And yet, life goes on.
To find beauty in the moment, joy and meaning in the mere existence, to prosper and build knowledge for generations to come.

Heirs to the Crown is a comic project I have started planning a couple of years ago with a focus on political and interpersonal relationships and cultural identities. This World Anvil page mostly serves as a wiki for myself to get all the clutter out of my head, but maybe the one or other read might be of interest to you, too!