Line Editing

Clarity and Conciseness

Does your writing make sense? Does it contain extra wordiness, unecessary repetition, or confusing sentence structures?  

Redundancy and Word Choice

Does your magic have a magical effect on your magic-users?   Sometimes, redundancy is a bit harder to spot, but it can grate the nerves nonetheless. I will also look for commonly overused words and overused sentence structures, where applicable.  


Consistency of spelling and punctuation can improve readability and immersiveness. Nothing ruins an experience faster than when a reader wonders if you've always spelled that character's name that way.  


Sometimes, it doesn't really matter which spelling you go with so long as you remain consistent throughout, particularly with character names.
  • All right versus alright
  • Gray versus grey
  • Erik versus Eric or Sara versus Sarah


In certain cases, consistency in punctuation and sentence structure can also improve readability. In the examples to the right, all the options are correct. However, it can be confusing and/or jolting to switch back and forth between styles.
  • Good. Let's go. versus Good, let's go.
  • Okay. You win. versus Okay, you win.


Correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar will naturally be part of a line-by-line, word-by-word line edit. However, proofreading is still considered to be its own step in the editing process.   A proofreader combs through every letter and punctuation mark. Grammar edits include a wide variety of things such as sentence structure; subject-verb agreement; split infinitives; verb tense; proper prepositions, adjectives, and comparatives; and more.   Line editing and proofreading are both included in the Final Edits package.

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Author's Notes

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